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Flore - Green Team

Flore  - Green Team

Property Manager

Flore hails from Paris where she lived with her family until she moved to Australia in 2009. Flore has several years experience in office management and administration and has been practicing property management for 3 years.

 Flore is an excellent communicator and has an extremely high level of expertise in all components of Property Management. Whether as a property owner with multiple properties, or a single dwelling, or a first time tenant, Flore can professionally deal with all. Flore has incredible attention to detail, which is a cornerstone of outstanding property management.

Flore has developed good working relationships with many contractors who understand our high expectations for both quality of work and turn around times for work to be carried out.

Flore is an innovative and creative thinking professional who has a genuine interest in finding the right solution for clients and likes to make things happen without fuss. Flore is the local agent you can trust to get a good outcome for you.